SBR Cases and AR Pistol Cases

Outstanding Craftsmanship in Every Detail

You invested a lot in your firearms, so why not protect them with the best American-made gun bag available on the market? Our short-barreled rifle cases are purpose-built and can withstand whatever you throw at them. Whether you’re carrying discreet or want a rugged, tactical look, our North Carolina-based team is ready to build you the best case you’ve ever used. 

Best AR Pistol Case

In the market for the best AR Pistol case? We have you covered here at Lynx Defense. We took the best materials and our years of case design and development experience and have crafted the perfect case for your needs.

We made The Bureau the best SBR rifle case because we knew from our years of experience what the perfect dimensions for the case were.

What guns are these cases made for?

Our SBR cases are the perfect match for any multiple position stock or collapsable AR-15 rifle. That also includes AR pistols. Our cases are the perfect soft cases for your AR pistols.

If you have an extremely compact SBR or AR pistol it may even fit in our SMG bag, The Byte.