Why We Recommend a Discreet SBR Case

We often get asked, “What bag to do you recommend for my short barrel rifle (SBR)?” The answer is, of course, it depends. There are a few things to consider when selecting your SBR case, and here’s why we think discreet is the best option for your SBR.



For some, if the case looks cool enough, they will buy it even if it doesn’t fit their needs. But we all know looking cool has nothing to do with transporting your firearm. What we mean by appearance is the message you’re sending to those around you when you’re carrying. If you are using it to transport your gun to and from the range, a completely tactical rifle case in FDE with all of the molle your heart desires is a great fit. However, if you plan to carry your rifle in an urban environment, you may want to consider a more discreet rifle case to keep curious onlookers at bay. One with more conventional colors that don’t scream “military” or “tactical” such as gray, black, or blue, to name a few.

SBR Case


Does the bag perform the tasks you need? Does the bag actually fit your rifle? If you have a 10.5″ SBR, then something like The Bureau is ideal because it’s long enough to fit your rifle and doesn’t draw unwanted attention. SBRs are a unique firearm in that they come in a lot of sizes (7.5″, 8.5″ 10.5″, 11.5″, and more), but it’s essential to have an SBR case that doesn’t serve as a neon sign saying “Look at me! I have a gun in here!” Concealing your SBR should always be a top priority if you carry in places where guns are not common – even if we believe it should be the norm.

The Bureau - SBR/AR Pistol Bag


What does your SBR case need to hold besides your firearm? If it’s mostly serving as a range bag, you need it to be able to carry ammo, hearing protection, and more. Make sure you purchase one that fits those needs. If you plan to use your bag to conceal your rifle while you are in the open, it may be important to have a backpack style SBR bag. Whichever bag you choose, be sure that it will securely hold your SBR.

Why Discreet Is Better

We typically recommend the discreet SBR case option because, in today’s world, it’s usually better to go unnoticed, especially if you have a firearm. Carrying an SBR in a discreet case can be justified in many of the same ways you would justify carrying your pistol concealed instead of open.

The Bureau SBR Case

We designed The Bureau with appearance, function and utility in mind to best serve our customers. This sleek bag is made to transport personal defense weapons and SBRs securely with form and function. Boasting an internal modular attachment system and zipper pockets, The Bureau can get you and your weapon where you need to go without sacrificing storage or style.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding on an SBR case. Check out the range of products Lynx Defense offers to protect your gear and keep you safe while carrying.

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