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Well, everyone, it’s that time of year again when Shot Show 2024 is in full swing. We will be compiling a list of some of the coolest new and teased products of Shot Show 2024.

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense jumped head first into the 9mm round this year and while the Daniel H9 has been released the new PCC is slated for sometime later this year.

Daniel H9

We have the Daniel Defense H9, announced yesterday, kicking this list off. This is a fix-up and reboot of the Hudson H9 Pistol.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on it and got to test it by doing a 1,000-round Danel Defense H9 Review.

daniel h9 aesthetics
daniel h9 magazine capacity
Daniel H9
daniel h9 aesthetics
daniel h9 magazine capacity
Daniel H9



The DD PCC felt really solid and is going to use the CZ scrpion magazine pattern mags. This looked really well done and it has completely ambidextrous controls.

Primary Weapons Systems UXR

The PWS UXR is an interesting gun that I’m ready to use as it brings modularity to the AR platform.

pws uxr

PWS is trying to bring a number of new calibers to the platform and it will be a fun one to watch in the coming months.

Angstadt Arms Hydraulic Guide Rod

Angstadt Arms showed off a Hydraulic guide rod and spring for Glock series of pistols.

angstadt arms spring

There was no ETA for launch of the guide rod but it was shown and its said to reduce precived felt recoil.

Keep an eye on for more information about the guide rod.

Palmetto State Armory

PSA shared a slew of new potential firearms and while most of them are listed as coming soon or concept there was a lot to be excited about.

PSA X5.7

psa 57 pdw
psa 57 pdw side
psa 57 pdw
psa 57 pdw side

First and foremost the MP7 clone built off the Rock chambered in 5.7x28mm.

308 Jakl

jakl 300

One of the coolest concepts that PSA dropped was the 308 Jakl, which would be almost SCAR-like. This gun felt great and I’m hoping that this goes from concept to market ASAP.

SABRE Dagger

After reviewing both the AR-15 SABRE and AR-10 SABRE it was really nice to see that line being expanded to the Dagger.

sabre dagger 1
sabre dagger 2
sabre dagger 1
sabre dagger 2

It brings some nice features to the dagger, including custom laser stippling and some awesome cerakote patterns. I see these being a sooner rather than later launch but PSA has no ETA’s at this time.

570 Shotgun

PSA is going all in on the build-your-own-gun concept. This time with a pump action shotgun concept called the 570.

psa 570 shotgun

These are interesting, to say the least, and the number of different options they will offer is likely to be insane.

The full list and vote on PSA concept guns are on their website.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms announced a whole slew of product line updates. Here are a few that have me the most excited. You can see the full list of new products coming in 2024 on the Primary Arms website.

GLx 1x Micro Prism

pa glx mp 1x 2024

The Micro Prism 1x has seen a major upgrade with a form factor change and added the update and down buttons to the side of the optic itself.

I’m looking forward to this update and putting it to the test. Coming 2nd quarter of 2024.

PLxC 1-8×24 SFP

pa plxc 1 8 2024

The PLxC 1-8×24 was a crystal clear optic with a fantastic reticle and impeccable eye relief.

If I had to guess, these will likely be in the $1,000-$1,500 range, but they are the high-quality tear of the LPVO line.

Radian Weapons

Radian is well known for their charging handles and now their ramjet series of compensators.

P365 Ramjet & Backstraps

Radian Weapons has launched a series of slides, barrels and other aftermarket items to include backstraps and magwells for the P365 line.

We feel this is a smart move as there are several people who choose to carry the Sig P365 daily and bridging a premium manufacturer such as Radian on board will only enrich the platform.


The ladies and gentlemen at Holosun are always innovating, and that drive to create new product really showed at SHOT this year.

new holosun 2024

Holosun is releasing several new designs along with a new huge windowed rifle optic that we are itching to get our hands on for testing and review.

Stag Arms

Stag is well known for the Stag-15 rifle and hunting AR’s. But Stag has really been growing it’s product line year over year and this year is an exciting one.

Lever Action Rifle

Both Stag and Aero continue to excite, this time with a lever gun concept. It would appear this is the year of the levergun, as Smith and Wesson also introduced their lever gun into the lineup.

stag lever gun shot 2024

Other manufacturers such as Henry, Marlin and Winchester continue  to fill the market with their selections as well.

The Stag and Aero are still currently being refined, so we look forward to their official release. 

The Stag prototype had a more traditional style laminate furniture but did sport a top 1913 rail that ran the length of the receiver and about ⅓ of the way down the barrel. This would allow ample room for attachment of optics and/or other shooting aids such as clip on night vision or thermal optics. 

Aero Precision

Aero Precision, known for AR parts for builders, came out swinging this year with an all new category of firearm.

Lever Action Rifle

In the prototypes that were available at SHOT, Aero took a more tactical approach with a monolithic type 1913 rail running the full length of the barrel and receiver.

aero lever action

Underneath and on the sides of the Aero sample were mloc slots for further accessory attachment. This made the Aero prototype noticeably heavier than the Stag, even with a skeletonized stock.


B&T makes some really rad guns, and I’ve had the chance to put my review mitts on a few of them, including the B&T APC9K, which is a fun one.

KH9 Covert

BT kh9covert

Regrettably, I didn’t get a picture of the main feature: this gun was folded up and small. It’s a really cool concept, and I think B&T will probably do it better than others have in the past.

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