Discreet Gun Case Guide for 2021

With the world being as crazy as it’s ever been with no end in sight, carrying your rifles discreetly is becoming increasingly important. Covert, or discreet, gun cases are not a new phenomenon.

We would never advocate breaking the law or using discreet gun cases for nefarious purposes. But as a law-abiding citizen, flying under the radar with your guns can be an essential part of life.

For some reason, people have seemingly lost their minds and want to harass innocent people for exercising their constitutional rights.

So, if you would rather go about your day minding your business with your guns, continue reading. If you want to learn more about range bags in general, read our Ultimate Guide to Gun Bags.

Discreet Gun Cases in 2021

Individual carry needs vary from person to person, and no one solution works for everyone.

That statement is relatively universal, but it’s worth mentioning here because gun owners come from all walks of life. From different geographical locations to different living arrangements to different principles.

What does discreet mean anyway?

Many people mistake the true meaning between discreet and covert. Those two terms are pretty interchangeable but not completely.

Discreet means intentionally unobtrusive. But what does that mean for gun cases and bags?

That means that discreet gun bags are made in a way that they won’t intentionally tell you that it’s a gun bag.

What that doesn’t mean is that no one will know that it’s a gun bag. If someone likes firearms and notices a discreet case, they may know that case was made for guns.

The real goal of a discreet bag is to keep someone who isn’t pro-gun (or a gun person) from realizing you are carrying a rifle, sub-gun, or SBR in your bag.

What about covert gun bags?

If there were steps to concealed rifle cases and bags, a covert bag would be the next step up.

Covert literally means not openly acknowledged or displayed. You might even say that covert describes the action you are taking by using a discreet case.

These two terms are used interchangeably when it comes to gun cases, but it’s important to note the differences in the type of bags that are made for each category.

Discreet Gun Case Environment

Some might think that that they don’t live where a discreet gun case is necessary. But it’s important to take a complete look at your surroundings and consider a few points before deciding if you need a covert gun case or not.

Urban Discreet Carry

If you live in an urban setting, it’s important not to draw attention to your rifle. In urban areas, people tend to be more politically anti-gun. This is mostly due to the ignorance of guns or just a phobia due to a lack of knowledge or experience with firearms.

If you carry your rifle in an overtly tactical bag, you may find yourself in a situation where you a confronted by an anti-gunner or, worse, the police.

There’s no reason a law-abiding person should have to face unnecessary attention like that.

So carrying a discreet gun case in an urban setting is paramount to flying under the radar.

In no way should you be ashamed of your firearms, but conventional wisdom would tell you brandishing what “you have” is not the answer. Being covert goes a long way in staying concealed.

Another reason to consider a discreet gun case in urban areas is to avoid theft. Most property crimes aren’t full-fledged heists planned out like Oceans Eleven; they are crimes of opportunity. If a thief watches you put a gun case in your vehicle, they know a quick and easy pay-day is only a smash and grab away.

Firearms are typically not dangerous in law-abiding gun owner’s hands, but when someone steals a law-abiding gun owner’s firearm, problems begin.

This gives the anti-gunners fuel for their political agendas and emotionally charged arguments for gun control.

Neighborhood Carry

I’m not sure if it’s the same where you live, but urban sprawl is real. The suburbs have exploded all over America.

Neighborhoods pop up where massive farms used to be. It’s just part of life, I guess. But with that comes large-scale residential neighborhoods.

It seems like houses are built on postage stamp size lots, and you can hear your neighbor flush the toilet.

While this seems like an epic rant or hate on neighborhoods, it’s not.

I lived in a small neighborhood for years on a .5 acre lot, so I’m speaking from experience.

I knew most of my neighbors, but I still never wanted to flaunt that I had guns and show off when or what I was carrying.

Being discreet and covert was what I always tried to accomplish when moving my firearms to and from my vehicle.

It’s important to be mindful of your neighbors, but more than that, I think it’s important not to brandish what you are carrying. If a situation turned ugly, you would want your discreet gun case to keep your guns discreet and covert.

You never know who your neighbors might have at their house. You don’t know if they have properly vetted their handyman, kids’ friends, or landscapers (not to say that any of those people are inherently criminals – it’s simply to make a point of not trusting people you don’t know).

Rural Discreet Carry

Having a discreet gun bag might still be the best option for you if you live in the sticks, too.

Even if you know your neighbors and they are second amendment-loving, red-blooded Americans, you don’t know who may be watching.

You don’t want potential thieves to see you carrying guns in and out of your house in tactical rifle cases.

Because no matter how macho your “This house doesn’t call 911” sign is, you’ll be calling 911 when you come home from work, and your door is kicked in, and all your rifles and pistols have been stolen. Side note: Invest in a good gun safe and use it!

So don’t think just because you aren’t a city slicker than a covert gun case isn’t for you.

Discreet Gun Case Styles

Discreet gun cases come in many different styles. First, we are going to discuss some of the most popular options. Then, we’ll share the pros and cons of each.

Sling Bags

utg slingbag 1

Many company’s, such as UTG and Vertx, make sling bags that largely resemble regular backpacks. These can be a great option because of the likeness to backpacks. No one suspects they are a discreet rifle bag, so they fly under the radar and are covert.

Being in the sewn goods industry, I’ve learned a good bit about sling bags and the opinions people have on them.

It’s really a love it or hate it kind of product. We don’t offer a sling bag because It just doesn’t fit in our product timeline.

Also, I’ve noticed when it comes to liking sling bags, body type, and personal style tend to be big factors.

The only pros and cons I can see with sling-style bags are all personal preferences. So you’ll have to make that determination yourself.

I know that the Alpha Battle Carrier Sling Pack 30-Inch Multi-Firearm Case by UTG is a popular option. Also, there’s the Vertx Commuter Sling Pack, which is a well-liked choice.

Guitar Gun Case

Guitar Gun Case

Guitar gun cases were somewhat of a new creation back in 2018. And they have really become a popular item in the discreet gun case world.

Hazard 4 makes a soft guitar gun case called the Battle Axe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case. If you wanted a hard case, Savior Equipment makes a hard guitar gun case counterpart called the Savior Equipment Tactical Discreet Rifle Ultimate Guitar Case.

One of the big positives I see with guitar gun cases is they are extremely covert and really disarm anyone who might think it’s anything but a guitar case.

But there is a massive downside.

What if you don’t play guitar?

Sure – you could lie and be like, “Oh, it’s my brother’s. I don’t play.”

That works, but what if they want to see it?

“NO! I’m not showing you anything!”

While that is a perfectly acceptable answer, it’s a rather odd response to a simple request from a guitar enthusiast.

There are tons of ways to appropriately handle the situation, and easy to walk away and keep your rifle covert.

But, at the end of the day, the whole point is to be discreet and covert and to not bring attention to yourself. So this may or may not be the best option for you.

Tennis Gun Case

tennis racket guncase 2

The Tennis gun case option is unique, but unless you are at a country club, carrying this bag makes zero sense.

Unless you are wearing all white, a visor, knee-high socks, and New Balance 624s, you aren’t playing tennis. And you aren’t fooling me.

Especially if you are carrying that tennis racket case around, you might end up looking more suspicious if it’s not a fitting situation for a tennis racket case.

One positive mark for this case would be in the event you use it for a “truck case” or vehicle case.

Because in the event your vehicle was broken into, I doubt anyone is reaching for your tennis racket to steal.

Low Vis Gun Case

Discreet Low Vis Cases

Low visibility gun cases and discreet gun cases are basically the same thing, but there’s a minor difference if you ask me.

High-quality, low visibility gun cases, like the Bureau and Bronx, prove for an effective rifle carrying case by blending in with other bags you’re carrying.

Bags like The Bureau are even great for unique guns such as the IWI Tavor TS 12 bullpup shotgun.

One con for low visibility bags is that the designs and colors may be limited.

Featureless Gun Case

Discreet Padded Gun Case

Featureless gun cases are gun cases that largely look like gun cases in size and shape but have dropped the molle system and tactical-looking features.

3V Gear’s Covert 36″ Discreet Padded Gun Case is one example of a covert featureless gun case. It has all the features you need to be a gun case, but the outside is slick and featureless, not to draw attention to the case.

DIY Discreet Gun Case

Oftentimes, we work with what we have, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In fact, if that’s all you can do, I recommended it. A lot of people use backpacks they already own to put their rifles in. I’ve even seen some use regular guitar cases to conceal their rifles.

If you’re carrying a hobby-specific case, you better have a good story that seems natural. If you don’t know anything about guitars and carry a covert guitar carry case, and someone strikes up a conversation about guitars, you might be in trouble.

Our Bronx case was designed so it can look like anything. It’s just a rectangular carry bag that could be holding almost anything you can think of.


The future of 2021 for gun owners looks discreet. Carrying concealed has become more and more popular with handguns but now concealed carrying our rifles is more important than ever.

Considering all the information above let us know in the comments what your rifle case plans are for 2021.

If discreet isn’t your cup of tea we have done extensive articles on soft tactical rifle cases. Our most popular soft rifle case is the 42″ double rifle case. So if you prefer a tactical look over the discreet and need a durable 2 rifle soft case, Lynx Defense has you covered.

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