Colt Huntsman

Colt Huntsman

  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
3.1/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Finish: Blued
  • Produced: 1915–1977
  • Weight: 1.875 lbs
  • Fun blast from the past
  • Easy to Shoot
  • Magazine Capacity
  • Parts and Repair

The Colt Huntsman pistol holds a special place in my heart. It is one of the first guns I ever remember shooting and the gun my dad was able to break my fear of guns and start my 30 year love affair with firearms.

Needless to say the Colt Huntsman has a special place in my heart but that doesn’t mean the gun doesn’t come with drawbacks.

Let’s dive into the review of this classic.

Colt Huntsman

· Caliber: 22LR
· 10 Round Magazine
· No longer in production

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History of the Colt Huntsman

It’s really amazing when you look how many firearms John Mosses Browning has made or has been a large part of making.

But John Browning designed the Colt Huntmans and what would later be the Colt Woodsman as well.

Let me address the difference between the Colt Huntsman and the Colt Woodsman.

Colt Huntsman vs Colt Woodsman

There are only three major differences between the Huntmans and the Woodsman.


The Colt Woodsman is more expensive than the Colt Huntsmans because the Huntmans lacks features that the Woodsman has. What are those features?

Fixed Sight vs Adjustable Sights

The Colt Huntman has adjustable sights where the Colt Woodsman has fixed sights. This is a big difference because this really limited the guns ability to adjust for any issues with the sights.

Last Round Hold Open

This is something we take for granted now, similar to power windows in your car. The Colt Huntmans doesn’t have a last round bolt hold open and the Colt Woodsman has a last round bolt hold open.

This makes a huge difference when shooting because typically if the slide isn’t locked to the rear and all you hear is that dreaded click when you pull the trigger it typically means malfunction.

With those difference being covered lets move on to the review of the Colt Huntmans. I may make a mention or nod to the Colt Woodsman model during this review as well.

Ergonomics Overall

The Colt Huntsman is extremely ergonomic gun which is impressive given the fact it was developed in 1915.

Colt Huntsman

· Caliber: 22LR
· 10 Round Magazine
· No longer in production

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This gun feel really good in your hand and most of the weight is located toward the rear of the gun so the gun really sits back nicely when you establish your mastergrip.


The grips on the gun are hard plastic panels with the colt logo on the the right side of the gun. But the grip angle is a solid angle and the gun actually feels great in hand.

colt huntsman grips


The slide is extremely small on this gun. It’s the back half of the gun and has angled cuts that make gripping the blued slide a little easier.

This slide isn’t the easiest in the world to grab and rack due to it’s extremely small profile.

Colt Huntsman Slide

Once you have a grip on the slide it does slide extremely smoothly. It’s almost like the slide is floating once the initial unload is made from the chambered position.

Slide Lock

This Colt Humans lacks a last round bolt hold open so the slide lock plays a big part on this gun if you want to hold the bolt open for any reason.

Colt Slide Lock

The slide lock is located only on the left side of the gun. The slide lock design is very basic.

The slide lock slides into a cut out on the slide to hold the slide open. There is nothing internal that holds the slide back.


The safety and the slide lock use the same lever. You can push the slide lock up when the slide is closed which will put the gun on safety.

Safety on the Colt Huntsman

Attempted to pull the trigger will result in nothing. There’s clearly an internal mechanism that locks the trigger when the safety is on.


For a gun that was made in 1915 the trigger is surprisingly nice. I think a lot of gun manufacturers could really learn a thing or two from John Browning’s Colt Huntsman trigger design.

Colt Huntsman

· Caliber: 22LR
· 10 Round Magazine
· No longer in production

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This trigger has no take up and is a clean, crisp break. The reset is all the way back out but the good news with no take up is that all the way back out is the wall. This gun is extremely fun to shoot because of the trigger design.


The sights are one of the major improves made between the Huntsman and the Woodsman.

These sights are fixed and while I grew up shooting them and I’m familiar with them they would take some getting use to.

The Woodsman’s sights are much better than the Huntsman.


The magazine is a single stack .22LR spring loaded magazine. It does have a pull down on the left side of the magazine to make loading .22LR rounds much easier.

colt huntsman magazine

Very simple and time tested magazine design. I’m down to one of these magazines over the years so it may be time to find a few somewhere.

Shooting the Colt Huntsman

Like I said I quite literally grew up on this gun. It is even the gun I wrote about in my 22LR vs .223 article.

This gun turned me from being scared to shoot guns to loving them in a matter of minutes.

The gun is smooth to shoot but it does have a bit more muzzle rise than most 22LR pistols, namely the Ruger SR22 and the Ruger Mark IV.

The gun is surprisingly loud but it’s still just a 22LR pistol. It’s not my go-to gun anymore because the above mentioned 22 pistols shoot so much better and have more newer features than the Huntsman.

But when I’m feeling nostalgic I’ll reach into the safe and take the Colt Huntsman for a quick range trip.

This classic is still fun to shoot and one I’m glad I have for life.

Colt Huntsman Wrapup

The Colt Huntsmans is a true classic and something that you can hold and compare side by side and see how far we have come in firearm technology.

I think it’s important to know where and how far we’ve come with firearm development.

Colt Huntsman

· Caliber: 22LR
· 10 Round Magazine
· No longer in production

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This gun is truly fun, simple, and historic. If you’re looking for a piece of history to add to your gun safe, grab a Colt Huntsman or Colt Woodsman.

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