Taurus G2c

Taurus G2C

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  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
3.9/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 12
  • Weight: 22 oz
  • Overall Length: 6.30"
  • Good Recoil Impulse
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Thick Frame

Taurus is most known for making extremely affordable firearms and today I’m going to cover the G2C. In this Taurus G2C review, I’ll run down the features and controls of the gun in detail.

I’ll also talk about a few of the Taurus G2C accessories, how it conceals and if I would carry the G2c, as well as how the gun shoots overall.

Taurus G2C Stock Photo

Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9m
Capacity: 12 Round
Weight: 22oz

Taurus G2C Features

The biggest claim to the G2C’s fame is the fact it’s a compact pistol that clocks in at the mid-$200 price point. That’s a hard price point to beat and many might write it off as being too budget to be a good gun.

Well that may or may not be true and I’m going to dive into this gun a bit more to see is it worth carrying or is it a sub $300 range toy.

Keep in mind the G2C lives in the same class of firearm as the Sig P365XL and the Springfield Hellcat Pro.

The sights on this gun are a three-dot configuration and have windage and elevation adjustments on the rear sight.

Overall sight picture is good and the stock sights work but like Glock sights aren’t anything special.

Taurus G2C Controls

The G2C’s controls are similar to any other polymer framed striker-fired pistol but the G2C features an external safety.

Some other guns like the S&W M&P series of pistols have the option for an external safety but due to the G2C’s trigger design it has one on every model/variant of the G2C pistol.


Speaking of triggers lets talk about the G2C because of all it’s controls this is by far the most unique control on this pistol.

Taurus G2C Trigger

The G2C has a double-action/single-action trigger which is somewhat unique on pistols. The G2C allows you to pull the trigger and fire the gun at all times even if the hammer is not cocked.

This is likely why the gun comes with an external thumb safety on all models.

With this type of trigger it makes the trigger pull, wall, and break extremely unique.

Taurus G2C Stock Photo

Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9m
Capacity: 12 Round
Weight: 22oz

Slide Release/Stop

The slide release/stop sits right in front of the manual thumb safety and sticks out above even with it.

Slide stop on the G2C

There is nothing remarkable or noteworthy about the slide release, if anything I dislike how close it is to the safety.

It takes some getting use to if you aren’t used to having two controls that close together and I have found I need to rotate my hand around the pistol come to get the best possible use of the release.

Magazine Release

When it comes to the magazine release it’s exactly where you’d expect it just behind where the trigger guard meets the grip frame.

taurus g2c magazine

It’s easy to press and the magazines shoot out quickly without any hanging. I also like that the release is in a spot where you don’t have to move your hand from the master grip to press it.


I’m not a fan of manual safety, at all. But I understand why this gun has to have one.

Taurus G2c Safety

With no manual decocker you need a way to render the gun “safe” so the thumb safety does that.

In terms of function it does work well with just a little bit of practice I was able to get use to taking it off safety on the draw and being able to make it one fluid motion when shooting on the range.

Taurus G2C Stock Photo

Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9m
Capacity: 12 Round
Weight: 22oz


The overall looks of the gun are nice while the gun itself is blocky the lines and the slide serrations are well done.

I even like the G2c cut on the right front of the slide more than I expected I would.

The stainless steel barrel is an excellent contrast with the all black slide and frame on this gun.

Overall aesthetics of this gun are good and I think anyone would be happy with how this gun looks.

Range Bag

Carrying your G2c to the range is a must because you must become proficient with it if you plan to carry it concealed, also look into concealed carry insurance if you plan to carry regularly.

If you need a range bag look no further than Lynx Defense we offer a full lineup to meet your needs and our shooting range bags are 100% Made in America.

Our Prime range bag is perfect for the 1-2 gun range goer that doesn’t have a ton of extra gear to tag along.

The Pistol Range Bag is great for 2-3 guns and some extra gear in tow and finally, the Concord is perfect for 3-4 guns and A LOT of extra gear.

Shooting the G2C

Shooting the G2c really surprised me as I expected the recoil impulse to be worse than it was and for the gun to have more bite in the recoil.

This gun for its size shoots really smooth and accurate and staying on target was surprisingly easy.

The G2c recoil impulse is more in line with a larger frame compact pistol like the Glock 19. The only thing I can think of is the gun is a bit heavier than a lot of its slim-framed counter parts.

Taurus G2C Stock Photo

Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9m
Capacity: 12 Round
Weight: 22oz

Taurus G2C Ammo

Ammo is always good to stock pile especially when you hit the range often! If you already have a good amount than almost any 9mm ammo should cycle and fire great in the G2c.

I personally had no issues with the any of the 115 GR FMJ ammo I put through the Taurus.

Taurus G2C Holster

If you want to carry the G2C in a inside the waistband holsters I’d look no further than the Harry’s Holster’s Singleton.

Singleton Taurus G2c harrys holsters
Photo courtesy of Harry’s Holsters
Taurus G2C Stock Photo

Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9m
Capacity: 12 Round
Weight: 22oz

It’s one of my favorite holsters for IWB carry and is extremely comfortable.

Some other options include We The People holsters and a ton of other options from sites like Amazon.

Taurus G2C Final Thoughts

Taurus G2C kinda surprised me when it came to shooting it. I’m not over the moon about the ergonomics but it does shoot well. The double and single action took some getting used to, but overall, this gun is pretty good for the price.

I can’t find any real issues with it other than weight, but that is likely why this gun’s recoil impulse is so manageable.

Grab this gun if it’s in budget and meets your needs it seems to hold up well and function as it should.

Taurus G2C Stock Photo

Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9m
Capacity: 12 Round
Weight: 22oz

Some other Taurus reviews to look at are the Taurus TX22 and the Taurus GX4.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the G2C pistol.

Is Taurus G2C a good gun?

Yes, in my experience, the G2c is a decent gun that functions well and has good recoil impulse. I was pleasantly surprised with the G2c, given its price point.

How much is a Taurus g2 9 mm worth?

The Taurus G2C 9mm pistol sells new between $250-299.

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  1. probably the worst gun i have ever purchased,i can not get more than 2 shots off before it jams, no matter what kind of ammo i use, i keep it cleaned and oiled, nothing solves the problem. i would not recommend this gun EVER! TO ANYONE. Taurus G2C if you must shoot get a pellet gun more reliable. ( i would not waste my time or money going to a gunsmith)

  2. Picked up a g2c for $200. looks like only been shot a couple times. Decent looking , easy to grip, solid assembly features, got it from local gun shop/pawn dealer. I like the white easy to see sighting system, and the grip design. It’s overall “tough”, not fragile or loose in any way. Thumbs up for it being a good piece to shoot and own.

  3. Um… it shoots without being cocked Razorfish thats why it has the double trigger lol… if you had to cock the slide first this gun would go from being very decent to practically worthless..

  4. I don’t think that this is a true DA. I know that it has 2nd strike capability, but I don’t think it will fire without racking the slide first (or having already fired it such that the striker is cocked).

    Put another way, if you manually insert a cartridge into the chamber and don’t fully rack the slide, I don’t think it will fire. I will test this theory the next time I am at the range…

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