Taurus GX4

Taurus GX4

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  • Design Features
  • Build Quality
  • Recoil
  • Fun Factor
3.4/5Overall Score
  • Caliber: 9
  • Capacity: 11+1
  • Weight: 18.5 oz
  • Length: 6.01"
  • Price
  • Ergonomics
  • Size
  • QC Hit or Miss
  • Takedown is cumbersome

Taurus has been making moves in the semi-automatic pistol market. The Taurus GX4 hit with a splash with the Taurus price point but with an increase in quality, look, and feel.

I have been eyeing the GX4 for a while to see how the firearms market and community would receive the gun and to my surprise, it has gotten a lot of good marks. But that’s not to say the GX4 is without its issues.


One of the features of the GX4 is its fantastic price point. The gun itself is on the face just another polymer-framed striker-fired pistol.

But is that too simplistic? Maybe, maybe not, but I’m going to take a little deeper dive into the Taurus GX4 and give you my opinion on how Taurus did on this gun.

Taurus GX4 Stock Photo

Taurus GX4

• Caliber: 9mm
• Action: Semi-Auto
• Capacity: 11 + 1
• Weight: 18.5 lbs


Grips can be really hit or miss on polymer pistols due to weird texturing or bad grip angles.

Taurus GX4 Grip Handle

Fortunately, Taurus got almost everything right about the GX4 grip. I can’t say it’s perfect and some will disagree completely.

The texturing is abrasive and also visually appealing, which, let’s face it that’s important.

The overall angle of attack on the grip is exactly what you would expect it to be at about 45 degrees.

Like most polymer grips the backstrap is interchangeable and it comes with one larger back strip.

Holding the gun feels solid but the smaller your hands are the more you will like this gun. The grip frame is extremely short and the magazines provide no extra grip length.


Some may say the sights are lackluster but Taurus used my favorite sight configuration on this gun.

Sights on the Taurus GX4

The rear sight has no markings and the front sight is a single white dot. The sights provide a solid sight picture and aren’t obnoxiously large or overdone.

The only con, if you even want to consider it a con, is the front sight is not a night sight. Not an issue for me and at this price point I wouldn’t expect night sights.


With the GX4 you get a standard set of pistol controls, Taurus did not do anything revolutionary with the controls on this gun.

As I always say controls will make or break a gun, so time to dive in.


There is no manual safety on this gun. If you were hoping for a manual thumb safety you’re simply out of luck.

The pistol does have a trigger shoe safety, very much like the Glock safe action trigger safety.

Taurus GX4 Stock Photo

Taurus GX4

• Caliber: 9mm
• Action: Semi-Auto
• Capacity: 11 + 1
• Weight: 18.5 lbs

Magazine Release

For perspective, this gun is small. The whole pistol is only 6.05″ long so there isn’t much on this gun that you will find “big” or “large”. Maybe in relation to other smaller parts of the gun but not in the normal sense of the terms.

taurus gx4 mag release

With that being said the magazine release is small. For reference, it’s about the size of a pencil eraser.

The magazine release is extremely easy to press and the magazine drops rapidly. Even a completely empty magazine will drop free of the gun quickly and easily.

Slide Stop

The slide stop is probably my least favorite of all the controls. It too is small and somewhat hard to use.

taurus gx4 slide stop

The grip frame is built up around the slide release and is nearly impossible to pull down with your thumb with an empty magazine in the gun.

If the gun is empty the slide stop/release works great and is very smooth. But since it’s not ambidextrous that makes it hard to pull down.

This may break in over time and if you have any experience with that being the case feel free to leave a comment below.


If you are a trigger person you are either going to love or hate the GX4 trigger. I like flat triggers, which is what the GX4 has.

taurus gx4 trigger

The wall is clearly defined with this trigger and the break is extremely smooth. I personally like the trigger. The reset is back to the wall and with that, the only problem I’ve had with this gun is it not resetting. I was able to get it fixed but had to warranty it just to be sure.

Taurus GX4 Stock Photo

Taurus GX4

• Caliber: 9mm
• Action: Semi-Auto
• Capacity: 11 + 1
• Weight: 18.5 lbs

Range Bag

If you are looking to get the highest quality pistol range bag on the market look no further than the Lynx Defense pistol range bag.

Yes, it’s pricey but it will last a lifetime and it is made right here at home in the United States of America.

Taurus GX4 Ammo

Looking to add some ammo to your range bag? Maybe you need some defensive ammo. Here are some great 9mm ammo options for your Taurus GX4.


There aren’t many aftermarket accessories for this gun however the sights are a nice touch because they take Glock sights.


To carry this gun you’re gonna need a solid holster and with the size of the gun, you’ll want to conceal it. Otherwise, buy a larger-frame gun!

If you are looking for a solid concealed carry holster for the Taurus GX4 grab a Harry’s Holster’s Dirk. They work great and provide maximum concealability.

Best of all the Dirk holster doesn’t break the bank.


The look of this gun is solid for a carry gun. While it likely won’t be a timeless classic it is modern and has really good lines and design aesthetics.

I’m a stickler for stippling/grip texture and the Taurus GX4 grip is done really well. It is very similar to the Sig P320 and P365XL grip textures.

Final Thoughts

The Taurus GX4 is a nice surprise from Taurus I think that if they continue to release guns like the GX4 they will have a lot of success in this micro-pistol market.

Taurus GX4

While I’m a huge fan of Glocks and even the P320 series of pistols the Taurus GX4 is a bargain of a price.

If your budget doesn’t allow for the higher end of the pistol market I think the Taurus GX4 is a real solid contender.

Taurus GX4 Stock Photo

Taurus GX4

• Caliber: 9mm
• Action: Semi-Auto
• Capacity: 11 + 1
• Weight: 18.5 lbs

Some other Taurus reviews to take a look at are the Taurus TX22 and the Taurus G2C.


With the GX4 being new to the market there are a lot of unanswered (and answered) questions about the gun. Here are some of the most common questions and our answers to those frequently asked questions.

How much does a Taurus GX4 cost?

The MSRP of the standard model Taurus GX4 is $392.42. Other models like the T.O.R.O. and XL have a higher price point.

Is Taurus GX4 a good gun?

Yes, the Taurus GX4 is a solid gun for the money. While Taurus may have a slight QC issue and a few rocky issues out of the gate the gun has functioned well for many and continues to be a good gun.

Does the Taurus GX4 have a safety?

The Taurus GX4 has a trigger safety, similar to the Glock safe action trigger. But the GX4 does not have a manual thumb safety.

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  1. I recently purchased a brand new Taurus Gx4 from a local gun dealer. Took it out for a test for the very first time and was totally disappointed. Several days later I had to send it back to Taurus for repair. After several rounds, the firearm malfunctioned. Tried several different types of ammo brand, still same issues. The malfunctions were that the slide wouldn’t fully close, trigger would become as if it was jammed, rounds would fail to eject, slide lock would stick, and it seemed as if the inner barrel was not fitted for 9mm. Once the malfunction occurred, after firing one round, slide would fail to fully close, had to slap the rear of the slide in order to fire next round. Same thing would happen round after round. This particular firearm is clearly a dangerous weapon. In my opinion, those things shouldn’t happen on a brand new firearm. Luckily I own several other firearms as I am now without my brand new recently purchased gx4 as it is awaiting repair at Taurus. I’d expect something like this to happen maybe after thousands of rounds put through it, but not at first test.

  2. It is an endless debate of a gun with or without a manual safety, I had Glock19 for more than 20 years, it is a very reliable pistol , but it got my nerve if it is only has trigger safety, I served the military & all the sidearms like 1911 or M9 have manual safety to prevent accidental discharges, I do like Taurus GX4, but it is the same trigger safety, now Taurus announces the recall of some GX4 might has dropping & fire issue, I have Taurus G2 & G3, both models have manual safety, that was the reason I did not buy GX4.

  3. I bought the GX4 to be my conceal carry gun. I use a Sticky holster and it is a very easy gun to carry. I usually just wear shorts and a t-shirt and it conceals nicely with appendix carry. I’m still working on my shooting skills being that it is a small gun in my large hands. I recently upgraded the 2 11 round mags with the “plus 2” extension and now I can get a full grip and hopefully that will improve my accuracy. I upgraded the front sight with a tritium night sight with fluorescent orange ring. Easy to do with just a screw removal. Only issue I have is the slide lock is really light. If the slide is locked open and then the gun gets jarred the slide releases. If you insert a fresh mag with any force it also releases. I read that Taurus is covering this under warranty but I haven’t seen anything officially from Taurus on this issue. I really like the gun and have no regrets on my purchase.

  4. I bought two guns for testing..
    A GX4 for $229 w/rebate, and a Shadow Systems Cr920 for $800.
    I kept the GX4.
    No issues whatsoever.

  5. Own two gx4 and both have very light springs in mag release to point mag has fallen out a few times attempt to fix by changing holsters and no luck talked to shop where bought them and after them checking both pistols they said release is very light .still looking for a fix

  6. I shot 2 different bullet weights and styles. Norma hollowpoints and standard Remington 124 grain FMJs.The full metal jackets were 9 inches high and to left at 30 feet with the Norma ammo 6 to seven inches high and left.Thinking it was me I had my buddy shoot 2 magazines with identical results. I own 5 other Taurus pistols none with terrible accuracy issues. Gun was new out of case ,will clean it and try some different cartridges and hope it resolves the terrible accuracy issues.

  7. As a owner of the GX4 for 1 year now. I absolutely love this gun. Well over 1000 rounds through this gun, lead, target, hollow points; Never a in-action Jam.

    – I have large hands, the larger backstrap works very well.
    – Comes with a very solid case, I travel frequently and TSA is strict on no more then a pinky when pry’d on. This case that comes with it wont budge. Even with a loose lock
    – Great recoil control
    – The trigger break is the best ive ever seen on any Taurus. Quite literally the biggest deciding factor. (Remember the more you pull in a trigger the more you naturally could sway the barrel)

    – great conceal, im a big boy, 235, can appendix carry with 0 print


    – Hollowpoints dont rack easily. They get stuck but only if you release slide slowly / (as noted above, once you get your first round in, never had a jam shooting them)

    – Sights came loose and seems to be a common problem. Easy fix: back screws out and use a drop of thread lock

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