4 Things To Consider When Buying a Soft Rifle Case

One of our favorite parts of running Lynx Defense is getting to talk to our customers because we share two passions: guns and high-quality, American-made gun cases and gear. Recently, a fan asked on Instagram which bag is better – the discreet case or a tactical rifle case?

That’s a great question and one that comes up a lot. And the truth is, there’s no right or wrong answer. Both bags are well-made and designed to take care of your rifles while in transport. For the most part, our customers use our gun cases to house multiple ARs so double gun cases are a great fit.

Before you checkout, consider these four things when deciding which Lynx Defense case meets your needs.

1. How much gear do you have

Are you a light packer when it comes to your range bag? Or do you want to be prepared for any situation? Think about what goes into your kit on a regular basis. Maybe even collect it all in one spot to get a visual for how much space it takes up. From there, you can determine which size bag you need.

2. Future AR purchase plans

Are you planning on adding an AR to your line up in the near future? If so, the tactical rifle cases may make transporting your firearms to and from the range more convenient. We offer two sizes to meet your needs — 36″ rifle case and 42″ rifle case.

3. How important is padding

When thinking about transporting your firearms, do you like the peace of mind of extra padding to keep your weapon in pristine condition? Or do you want to maximize utility and get as much gear in your bag as possible? Consider your carrying habits and let those inform your purchase. All of our cases come with plenty of padding so any choice you make will be a good one.

4. Will you use the removable gun mat?

One of the defining features of our tactical rifle case is the removable gun/shooting mat. This mat is perfect for cleaning, laying out your gear at the range, or using as a barrier between you and the ground in certain shooting positions. If a gun mat is not something you think will benefit you, a discreet rifle case may be the best option for you.


Ready to make a decision? Check out all of our Lynx Defense bags here.

3 replies on “4 Things To Consider When Buying a Soft Rifle Case

  • Lorin Greenstein

    There should be one more thing to think about – WEIGHT – The other day I was at the range and a shooter came in toting a case that was so full of “STUFF” he could barely lift it onto the table. You should add when you get all your gear together to see it, also put it all together and lift it.

  • justin bass

    I really like my soft cases over any of my hard cases. A feature that I really like is when it has backpack straps on it. It help big time if you have a way to walk to your range or going out hunting.


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