How to Select a High Quality Rifle Case

Rifle bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so it comes as no surprise that sometimes it is difficult to recognize high quality when shopping for a rifle case online.

Below we offer a few tips to look for when shopping for sewn rifle cases, since those are our specialty.

Selecting Your High-Quality Rifle Case

When selecting a quality rifle bag, you have plenty of factors to consider.

In this article, we will discuss buying options, styles of cases, colors, and the country of origin for sewn rifle cases and why those things are important.

Where to Buy to Quality

Many people do not do much research before they buy their rifle case. I know I often find myself on Amazon’s website or WalMart’s website when looking to purchase items.

While those marketplaces are great and offer a large selection, they don’t always give you quality options to choose from. It’s important to remember that quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Many of the bags on Amazon’s marketplace are mass produced in China and other low labor cost countries.

While this creates an affordable product, it often comes at the cost of poor customer support, substandard workmanship, or low quality materials.

Be sure to really comb through the reviews of the rifle case you intend to buy, and take note of unanswered negative reviews. Most proactive and customer-centered companies attempt to remedy any bad experience.

Style of Case

In today’s world drawing attention to the fact you are carrying a firearm can have undesired consequences ranging from people making comments to calling the police when you are not doing anything wrong.

Therefore, having a discreet or covert case can often work to your advantage. If that is not an issue, then having a case that is more functional, but obviously, a tactical case will work just fine for you.

Our rifle case features multiple pockets and also molle attachment webbing, thus looking more “tactical” to most people. But we also over a line of covert cases made to the same high quality standards as our tactical line of rifle cases.

Case Color

The color of one’s bag is often a personal preference, but give some thought to the color you pick before pulling the trigger on buying your bag. Just to be upfront, the color you choose won’t have an impact on how high quality the bag is.

One of our most requested features for our pistol range bag was to have a black outside with a tan interior because it was easier to see in the bag with a lighter interior. We had so many requests, we made it a standard option instead of a by-request option.

When you select your rifle case, keep in mind the area where you live and normal vegetation that is in your area.

For example, someone who lives in a largely urban area should think twice about getting a green bag if they only go to indoor ranges and don’t travel to grassy areas.

Another thing to consider is the seasons and how they change the look of your vegetation in the fall and winter.

Most people only use their cases and bags for going to and from the range but don’t let that stop you from making an informed decision about your cases color.

Country of Origin

Many people take pride in buying products “Made in the USA,” namely because they love keeping their money in the country they love and supporting their community. While that is definitely a positive, it’s not the only benefit. American workers offer an attention to detail that is unmatched in their craft. That doesn’t mean overseas products can’t be high quality, but from our experience high quality textile goods are sewn in the US or other countries that pay living wages.

Often, the things people buy tells you about what they support and their beliefs. In the case of our rifle cases made in the United States, they are hand sewn, one at a time, by only a handful of people who have made hundreds of them.

That kind of experience is hard to come by in factories in China.

Things to Look at for Quality

Materials should be one of the most important things you look at when considering a bag. Take note of the following:

Rifle Case Zippers

Zippers are an essential part of the bag and the two manufacturers that are U.S. based are YKK and IDEAL.

We typically use IDEAL zippers since they are, like us, based in North Carolina. Typically, you want to see #9 and #10 zippers; however, on smaller internal pockets we often use #5 zippers.

The numbers on the zippers refer to the width of the teeth in the chain, which would be 5mm, 9mm, or 10mm. Any other zipper is not going to be a quality metal and could often snap after very limited use. We have seen this in many bags we have received from Chinese manufacturers.

High Quality Rifle Case Fabric

Fabric is arguably the most important part of your bag. It’s a huge portion of what you buy so making sure you are getting quality material that is durable and long-lasting is a no-brainer.

We source our material from mills based in the United States which increases our cost and therefore our price but also provides the highest quality case.

The 500D fabric that is made in the U.S. is typically the 600D-900D fabric advertised by the Chinese bag manufacturers and the 1000D made in the US is typically the 1000D-1300D advertised by Chinese manufacturers.

True branded cordura will typically carry the cordura label, like our products do, or have other literature that states that it is true cordura nylon fabric. But Cordura isn’t the only fabric used in rifle cases. Packcloth, binding, and polyesters are often used and can be just as high quality and reliable as the branded Cordura.

Packcloth and binding serve a much different purpose than the Cordura. It is worth mentioning both of those items have cheap versions and high-quality versions.

Quality Rifle Case Buckles

The key to any kind of plastic buckle is to pay attention to the brand of buckles being used. The three U.S. made buckles that are considered high quality are National Molding, Duraflex, or Fastex.

If your bag or case has plastic buckles, make sure one of these three manufactures is being used. Otherwise, you may end up with cheap Chinese plastic buckles that won’t last

Stitching on your Rifle Case

Stitching is extremely important as it holds the rifle bag together. Standard stitching should be 8 stitches per inch along long seems and joints, the more stitches per inch the stronger the stitching and seam will be.

At special stress points, the process of bartacking (a series of stitches used to reinforce areas) should be done to ensure a strong and secure hold.

Check out our High Quality Rifle Cases

These are the key elements to consider when looking to purchase a quality rifle bag. We have taken all of these into consideration and have produced high-quality rifle cases, in both our 36″ and 42″ rifle case configurations.

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