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300 RCM

300 RCM

Is it 300 RCM or 300 RUM or 300 RUN? This article covers .300 Ruger Compact Magnum which is the long version of the more popular name for the cartridge, 300 RCM. This is another ammo cartridge designed and produced by…

Best AR-15 Flashlights

best ar 15 flashlights

After picking up or building your AR-15, a flashlight is one of the first accessories you should consider. But what is the best AR-15 Flashlight for your new rifle? There are tons of weapon-mounted flashlight options so let us dive…

What to pack in your Range Bag?

Range Bag Essentials

If you’ve ever gotten to the range only to realize you left your ear protection at home, you know how having the right gear on you can make or break a day at the range. But what items should you…

Discreet Gun Case Guide for 2022

Low Profile Rifle Case

With the world being as crazy as it’s ever been with no end in sight, carrying your rifles discreetly is becoming increasingly important. Covert, or discreet, gun cases are not a new phenomenon. We would never advocate breaking the law…

.30 Carbine

30 Carbine

An ammo blast from the past would definitely be the .30 Carbine. This round is one that’s popularly and use has really fallen since its inception but is still being manufactured and used in a number of firearms. The first…

224 Valkyrie

224 Valkyrie

Recently we took a look at 416 Ruger which was released in 2008 but the 224 Valkyrie cartridge is an even newer round than the 416 Ruger. This round is growing in popularity, especially in AR-15 rifles, also known as…

222 Remington

222 Remington

The 222 Remington was created in 1950 by Remington and was the first commercial rimless .22 cartridge made in the United States. Since we are big on American-made here at Lynx Defense the 222 Remington is a special round to…

416 Ruger

416 Ruger Ammo

The 416 Ruger cartridge is one of the newest ammo rounds we have covered recently. Developed in 2008 as a joint venture between Ruger and Hornady it is a relatively unknown round but the 416 isn’t a new concept. Overview…

300 Rem Ultra Mag

300 rem ultra mag

300 Rem Ultra Mag is Jack Sparrow’s caliber of choice because it is abbreviated 300 RUM. The 300 Remington Ultra Mag might win the award for the round with the most names: 300 Ultra Mag, 300 RUM, 300 Remington Ultra…



The 458 SOCOM has gained popularity in recent years and is a large round that was built to be shot from a modified AR-15 upper but a standard AR-15 lower. The 458 SOCOM is a chunky round and the first…

Complete Aero Precision Guide

aero precision ar15

Aero Precision is one of the most well-known AR-15 part manufacturers in the market today. They get their history from the Aerospace industry but broke through in the mid-2010s and have been growing leaps and bounds since. If you’re in…


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