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5.56 vs 300 Blackout

5.56 vs 300 Blackout

Not too long ago, we looked at the difference between .22LR vs. 5.56 (.223) and figured we would continue that journey. Next up, we are taking a look at 5.56 (.223) vs. 300 blackout. We will analyze a few things…

AR-15 Pistol Case

AR15 Pistol Carry Case

When it comes to AR-15 pistol cases, there are several good cases to choose from. No matter if you are carrying your AR-15 pistol to the range or just keeping it safely stored at home, you’ll need a high-quality case…

Ruger PC Charger Review

Ruger PC Charger

The Ruger PC charger is an extension of the Ruger PC line. The Ruger PC line is a pistol-caliber carbine version of the Ruger 10 The operating system is slightly different, but the Ruger PC Charger is similar to Ruger’s…

Best Tactical Rifle Cases

Made in the USA Rifle Case

Whether you’ve purchased your first or fifteenth Tactical Rifle or AR15, it’s time you get the best case made for your rifle. If you already have a case, it may be time to upgrade to the best tactical rifle case.…

Ruger Mini 14 Review

Ruger Mini 14 Range Rifle

Strum Ruger & Co.’s Mini-14 is a timeless rifle that has been a favorite of farmers and tactical teams worldwide. Chambered in the popular .223 round, it has a broad spectrum of uses. This is our Ruger Mini 14 review,…