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.460 S&W Magnum

.460 S&W Magnum

The .460 S&W round was created specifically for the Smith & Wesson Model 460 revolver. The .460 S&W round’s primary role is being a powerful long-range hunting cartridge for handguns, especially the S&W Model 460. .460 S&W Overview The .460…

204 Ruger

204 ruger

The 204 Ruger cartridge is a centerfire rifle cartridge that was introduced in 2004. The 204 Ruger was developed by Ruger, hence its name, and Hornady. In 2004 it was the second-highest velocity ammo for bullets that were .204 inches.…

45-70 Government

45-70 Headstamp

The .45-70 Government round, most commonly referred to as just 45-70, was created in 1873 by the United States Government. This round is pretty unique because most ammunition was created to meet a demand for a specific firearm or a…

.35 Remington

.35 Remington Cartridges

The year was 1906 and .35 Remington was just introduced and no one could possibly see that 115 years later this cartridge would still be in active production. However, the popularity continues to fall in lieu of other more modern…

Hi Power vs 1911

Hi Power vs 1911

So you’re wondering if the Browning Hi Power is better than the ever famous 1911? That’s a common question that’s passed around but these two guns have some very interesting similarities. I want to preface this by saying we won’t…

Best AR-15 Flip Up Sights

AR-15 Flip Up Sights

With all the available sight options you might be asking yourself, should I invest in AR-15 flip up sights? That question is easy to answer and also completely up to the end-user and the plan for their AR. Most people…

Best AR-15 Drum Magazine

AR-15 Drum Mag

Are you shopping for the best possible drum magazine for your AR-15? We have compiled a list of the best AR-15 drum magazines on the market. Drum magazines can come in handy for gun range trips and SHTF situations. You…

Sig P938 vs Glock 43

Glock 43 vs P938

What a time to be alive! Some of the guns we have access to these days are awesome and if only John Browning and Samuel Colt could see some of the creations today they would be in awe. Today we…

Glock 19 Gen 4 vs Gen 5

glock19 gen4 vs gen5

One of the biggest questions potential Glock buyers have is what are the differences between Glock Gen 4 vs Gen 5? Glocks are known for making huge leaps in their different generations, but there are some notable differences in the…

What Does CCW Stand For?

What does CCW stand for

Concealed carry is an important conversation to have in light of recent events that have caused many people to fear for their safety. So what does CCW stand for? CCW stands for Concealed Carry Weapon, and it is the act…

1911 vs 2011

2011 vs 1911

The 1911 is one pistol that has really held its own in the test of time. Many will say that it’s old and outdated and it’s surely not perfect. But it’s definitely a solid time-tested design. In recent years the…

Best Soft Rifle Case

36" Tactical Rifle Case

One of our favorite parts of running Lynx Defense is getting to talk to our customers because we share two passions: guns and high-quality, American-made gun cases and gear. Recently, a fan asked on Instagram which is the best soft…


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